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FACES is a non-political, non-government, non-profit service delivery organization working in various fields of social development with special focus to handicapped both physically and mentally and vulnerable group of the community. FACES has its own expertise and experiences in dealing disabled people and focus to improve the quality of life of the disabled children which makes FACES a stand out organization. FACES is growing each day with confidence and experiences through a variety of activities entrusted by different donors whether it is development partner or private sector or even person.
FACES, from the day of commencement it strives towards sustainability and self-reliance through a variety of innovative programs. Other than helping the disable people FACES is also implementing a wide range of programs which includes Reproductive Health Services, Healthy Life Style Promotion, Non-formal Schooling, Vocational Training, Specialized Health Services on ENT, Dentistry, Diabetic, Physiotherapy Services and also anti-stigmatization awareness raising activities to assist people living with HIV/AIDS patients.


FACES is a unique philanthropic organization commenced by a young mother who encountered harsh and intrigued socio-economic reality. Saira the young mother who then was almost a naive and just had completed her graduation found her first son is suffering from Congenital Scoliosis Spinal Deformity. Having all the sympathy, support and even almost exhausting finance she took the daunting challenge of helping her son to have a normal life. She had to visit India for about twenty five times in a span of ten years to get her cured son.
During these visits it is contemplated how people who do not have enough or even no money and also have no exposure of taking the hassle, could simply think, this is the end of their child’s life. Saira felt to reciprocate to the good feelings and wishes of many people who sympathized her and even provided wishful words and thought to do something for the people who suffers, get stigmatized and become outliers within their familial and social norms for having, an almost or disabled child.
This was the motivation and dream behind developing an organization to assist the most disadvantaged and disabled people of the community. FACES began its operation in 2002 with the help of some other magnanimous people.
Established in 2003 at Adabar Thana of Dhaka city Family And Community Empowerment Support (FACES) is commonly known as FACES. It is a welfare service oriented organization registered with the Department of Social Services, Society Act and NGO Affairs Bureau. It was established to provide need based services for the disable, distressed, poor and disadvantaged groups of the community of both rural and urban areas.
Since its inception, FACES has been working as a welfare organization serving the disable, disadvantaged and poor who are socially weak, neglected and economically vulnerable. FACES’s approach focuses on specific tasks such as organization and mobilizations of demoralized and exploited people into viable groups, human development through fruitful training and ensure the proper treatment in order to strengthen the analytical capability of the target beneficiaries.

The Aims:

The aim is that they will learn to speak for themselves and become conscious and assertive members of their group and the wider population.
The major strategy of FACES is to involve the community, to empower the disable, disadvantaged and underprivileged group of community and to ensure the fundamental rights and basic needs through provide support and assistance. FACES believe in HOLISTIC approach for the proper development of the total community
Faces thus for comfortable with developing corporation and companionship of the community, like-minded organizations, governmental institutions, the private sector and development partners and others as it is deemed for.

The Objectives:

The prime objectives of the organization is human resource development by conducting competency-based training for Government, NGO and other national and international organizations and provide health , population need based education services both at center and community based programs. The specific objectives are:
Assist underprivileged people for capacity building and ensuring provisions of basic needs of life, i.e.: Employment, income, health, education etc.
Enhance the socioeconomic condition of the poor (target) people through undertaking/implementing strategic programs and projects.
Help to build institution to the target group, women and other disadvantaged group for establishing their basic rights in the family, community and society.
Transfer ownership of the organization to the beneficiaries.



FACES works with disabled and disadvantaged and socially handicaps people for implementation of different development programs which are socially sound, economically compatible and environmentally sustainable through Peoples Participatory Process nature to build a, participatory and sustainable society in which the human rights and human dignity of women, men and children are equally respected and people live responsibly in community with others and with nature.
FACES strives with multi-pronged and multifaceted development interventions to bring about changes in the quality of life of the underprivileged people of the country. The mission therefore necessitate for helping professionals grow with commitment to the goals and values and that to foster developing human potential of the staff member and those they endeavored with.


To build a, participatory and sustainable society in which the human rights and human dignity of women, men, children and specially the people with the disability are equally respected and people live responsibly in community with others and with nature.


FACES is committed for the empowerment & welfare of it’s:

• Beneficiary
• Family
• Community
• Organization

Our Partners:

• Family in Community
• Department of Social Services
• NGO Affairs Bureau
• World Health Organization (WHO )
• Pratibandhi Foundation

FACES is owned by its:

• Beneficiary
• Board Members
• Staff Members
• Government as well

FACES Values:

• People under poverty level is the mainstay
• Dignity and equity of people
• Belief in human capacity
• Honesty, accountability and integrity
• Transparency
• Discipline
• Innovation
• Team and teaming
• Knowledge management
• Quality in services
• Process oriented

FACES Target Groups:

• People with disability
• People with ailing health
• Urban and rural, disadvantaged & underprivileged children, women and men.
• Youth and adolescent community of the society
• Street children boys and girls
• Poor elderly people
• Tribal people
• The community


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