FACES organizes programs for raising awareness in the field of disability prevention, protection of human rights, health and sanitation, family planning, mother and child care etc. It also conducts awareness program against the oppression of women, child abuse, prevention of AIDS and other communicable diseases, reduction of environmental hazards.

Awareness about HIV and Anti-stigmatization activities are remarkable among the awareness activities of FACES. In Bangladesh HIV is as like as a tip of ice-berg and proper awareness is the only solution of the problem. Many of organizations are working in the sector of prevention and awareness, but very few organizations noted that HIV is an element of fear and stigma in the existing society. Till today maximum portion of the common people don’t know that HIV is a virus. This fearful data is an outcome of the negative advertisement about HIV. Realizing the fact, FACES has formatted an anti-stigmatization committee in pilot basis consisting of 20 members. All of the members of the committee are from different occupation and came voluntarily. This committee works through intimate nurture of FACES. If this program of FACES succeeds, it may be a success story of Bangladesh in the battle field against HIV and its stigma. FACES plans to form this kind of committees at least one in every Thana/upazilas in Bangladesh. But there is an unavoidable question of fund, which is the main barrier of this program.

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