FACES began Free Friday Clinic after its establishment. FACES began to treat the poor patients with free of charge from 19th December 2003, close to the date of its establishment. Three doctors mainly provide their time voluntarily for this service.

FACES found that the poor patients get much interest through this service. Members from lower income group families, slum people and people living in the street who cannot afford paying doctor fees, get free treatment service from this Clinic. Moreover, patients with serious illness and disabled people are getting proper treatment and rehabilitation facilities through referral services of FACES.

The purpose of Free Friday clinic is to build a disease free society that can contribute to the social developmental activities by sustaining their potential work forces. The engaged doctors give their valuable time in Free Friday Clinic. This group of doctors is spiritually dedicated Through FACES. So they contributed their holidays and free time to help the poor people. Along with the financial help of external source this service will be available for the wide range of people. FACES will always remain thankful to these doctors.

From the starting of these activities more than 10000 patients of different categories are given prescription under FMC Program in two centers. Along with the prescription some medicine was also supplied according to the financial strength of FACES.


Heath Program

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